Killin' It With The Kuhns

Striving For Success In Everything We Do!

Hello there and thanks for visiting my page.  My name is Holly. (Bet that comes as a big shock to you, right? ;)) I’m a lifelong Southern gal who’s a wife to my husband, Scott, a businessman, sports enthusiast and photographer, mother to my daughter, Hayleigh, a college student currently majoring in Business Management with aspirations to attend film school, and mother to my son, Tucker, who is a high school senior and will graduate in the Spring of this year.  He enjoys vintage cars, dressing up in medieval knight costumes, and time spent with his girlfriend.  I am also blessed to be a next door neighbor to my mother, Joyce, a retired accountant who now spends her time travelling wherever time and money will take her.

I am not a first time blogger. I run a community Facebook events page for my hometown and, in conjunction, maintained a blog page for a couple of years where I went more in depth about local events and community history. But as with most small towns events can get few and far between, especially during certain times of year when we’re not close to any major holidays. I found myself struggling to keep the page active and interesting with what, at times, could be very little information. As a result what began as something that I thought would be a fun pastime morphed into something somewhat stressful…it made me feel like a newspaper editor with a deadline and no story to tell. Though I had much I would have loved to write about, such as telling stories related to our photography business, activities enjoyed with the family, a craft I was creating, or a recipe I was trying, these ideas didn’t ‘fit in’ with the page. So in 2019 I quietly deleted it and spend some time trying to decide what I could blog about next.

In the end I decided to do what it seems most others do, create a blog about my life, a blog that focuses on myself, my family and my town… events, recipes, crafts, photography adventures and more.

I’m glad you’re thinking about coming along on this crazy ride of mine and I hope you’ll consider sticking around! While you’re here, I’d appreciate it if you’d follow my page and invite your friends to do the same. You never know what I’ll write about next, but I promise, I’ll try to keep it interesting!

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