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Colonel Harlan Sandars of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) Fame appearing in a New Castle, Indiana Parade in 1972

Ok it’s not a dance or even electric, but something that can bring just as much enjoyment to those who appreciate such things…..viewing photo slides from decades ago.

In a world where pictures can be taken and viewed in an instant (and just as instantly discarded) it can be hard to imagine living in a time where a picture meant the purchase of film, flash bars and waiting a week or more to see if it had all been worth it. Yet up until everyone had the latest smart phone in their pocket getting good pictures was a hit or miss, and either way a costly endeavor that left most cameras collecting dust until a holiday or other special event encouraged us to pull them from their hiding places.

Which is why finding and viewing photo slides can be an exciting and entertaining pastime. If you’re like me and your family didn’t particularly indulge in capturing memories, either through lack of funds or interest, then a lucky find at a local estate sale can help fulfill the void.

Salmon Being Dried For Dog Food in Alaska

We recently acquired a slide windfall at a local estate sale, guesstimating that we collected in excess of 5000 slides. If you’re like a relative of mine, you might wonder what enjoyment anyone could get from looking at another persons slides. Well, if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a the collection like the one we received, you’ll find that many weren’t of everyday people at all, but places, planes, cars, landscapes and lifestyles that cease to exists anywhere except in the memories of a select few and in photographs such as these. Two such examples I displayed in the photos above: Colonel Harlan Sandars, who passed away in 1980, can be seen participating in a 1972 parade, and in the other slide, salmon being hung to dry before it is eventually turned into dog food. While this seemed it was part of the everyday for one native Alaskan family back in the 1960’s, it leaves the viewer wondering: Are practices such as this still in existence in Alaska today, or have they forgone this method in favor of more modern solutions?

Picking up slides at an estate sale can be a hit or miss. You might luck up and find a collection that can be enjoyed by anyone, or you might just get a glimpse of the everyday anctics of a famly that lived long ago, but either way, I encourage you to pick them up as, in the end, you shouldn’t be out anything. With luck, you’ll find hidden treasures (such as the rare image of Colonel Sanders, shown at the top) or at worse, you’ll find nothing but can dispose of them through a listing on Ebay (slides are often used for various creations by crafters). And because slides are considered personal items, they are often overlooked by even the most knowledgeable estate sale buyers, meaning you can usually pick them up for next to nothing.

Are you a fan of old photos? Or do you enjoy picking up other types of items that the majority seem to pass by? I’d love to read about your likes/experiences in the comments section!

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