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There’s a saying that goes ‘If you want to experience all four seasons in one day, then visit Georgia’. While those of us who live here know that this statement is 100% true, it’s also true that the words ‘day’ and ‘week’ can be used interchangeably.

Such was the case recently during the week of February 2, where local residents found themselves wearing sweaters some days and, on other days, digging into the back corners of their closets for flip-flops and T’s.

After a relatively warm beginning, things began to change on Wednesday after we received almost 4 inches of rain on Tuesday during the day and overnight hours. While temperatures hadn’t dropped yet, the kids were still able to enjoy a day off from school since several flooded roads left driving conditions too treacherous to attempt a trip.

On Thursday, the water had mostly receded and weather reports throughout the week had left us thinking that only cooler weather could be expected to carry us into the weekend, but then, meterologists began to change their story.

Of course snow forecasts in the South are always hit or miss. I’ve seen forecasts that called for four inches of snow that produced nothing, and others that called for flurries and produced four inches.

Saturday was a prime example on the difficulty in predicting snow fall. As the admins of a community page, Scott and I usually hit the road and offer a live video whenever we see snow, so our friends and neighbors who don’t want to brave the elements can ride along and enjoy the scenery. The beautiful snow scene above, courtesy of about 2 inches of snow, was captured in one part of our county while a mere 5 miles away………….

….one of our community members sent a photo of her residence, showing that there was no evidence of a winter event at all!

In true Georgia fashion, by evening all evidence of snowfall had gone away and temperatures began to warm up again. Now, less than one week following the flooding/snow event, we’ve had additional flooding and severe storms are expected tonite, followed by blustery temperatures with daytime lows in the 20’s.

How has the weather been this winter in your neck of the woods? Let me know by leaving a comment in the comments section!

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