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Recently I went to a new page on Facebook hoping to win a T-shirt that was being given away. While there, I happened to glance at the bar on the right where ‘Suggested Groups’ were listed. There, I found a page that was dedicated to ‘Dollar General Penny Shopping’. Thinking that it was a page devoted to how one might save some serious money on shopping trips at DG, I decided to join, only to find that it was something entirely different.

It seems that when merchandise is to be removed from the stores, that the price of those items typically default to a penny on a certain price list. It is then up to the associates to review the list and go around the store, pulling these items from inventory. If you’re a savvy or just plain lucky penny shopper, you may be fortunate enough to land some of these items in your cart before they are pulled….and store policy says that if you make it to the register with the items, they are to be sold to you for a penny without argument.

One participant shared this image of her penny hauls from one day of treasure hunting. Yes, each item you see here cost her a penny.

If you liken Penny Shopping to a game, it’s clear that there are some major winners and plenty of losers. While many who make attempts have random success, it seems the key to being a major winner is being lucky enough to be in a store where two factors come together. The first factor is visiting a store where the penny list (usually found at several different websites) actually matches the products in the store. For example, this week’s list included a variety of ice creams….half pints of Edy’s and Haagen Daz, for example. Dozens of page members posted their hauls…usually at least a cart full, if not two, and bemoaning the massive amounts they had to leave behind due to lack of freezer space. As for me, I visited my local store and found these exact same ice creams on the shelf, which all showed that they would ring up at full price.0

The second factor in a successful haul seems to be finding yourself in one of these lucky penny shops that also happens to have a manager who isn’t exactly persistent in moving old merchandise from the shelves. Some participants report managers who seemed glad to let the merchandise leave at a penny, while others have reported having managers literally step in front of them when they approached certain merchandise, only to begin removing it and saying ‘I’m just doing my job’.

I’ve tried my luck on a couple of trips but haven’t had much success so far. I was just about to conclude it all had to be some sort of farce until I encountered my first penny item, the sets of Frozen II hair and bag accessories that were originally priced at $5.00, shown below. I picked up all 5 of the remaining packs because, as the page explains, once management discovers there are penny items on the shelf, they will remove any remaining supply. They will make good prizes for our game booth at the free city park event in our community next Christmas.

If you decide to try out this method, look up ‘Penny Shopping’ on YouTube or Facebook to find plenty of sites with insider tips. Also, download the Dollar General Shopping App on Your Phone. Once the app is downloaded and you go to the first store to make an attempt, make sure that store is set as your ‘preferred store’ on your app. Then use the scanner under the ‘list’ section (not the shopping section) to start scanning bar codes and see if you get lucky. (not sure why this makes a difference, but it does).

Other than what’s on the published list, check clearance areas to see if penny items might exist. Other things to look out for are seasonal items (if it’s two months past Christmas, for example, and you run across a random ‘Santa’ themed bath and body set or a gingerbread kit, there’s a good chance it could scan at a penny) and things that look ‘out of place’ on high shelves. Most stores go by the theory that no one looks up, and these shelves are often used by store personnel as temporary areas to hold discontinued items until they can get around with a cart to remove them.

If you should decide to give this a try and ultimately have any luck, let me know in the comments section what you’ve found!

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